About the Show

We are all special, and we all belong! Come along and play with Elmo and Zuzu as they go on new adventures with their friends to find out what makes them special.

All-new episodes coming the 7th of June, weekdays at 15:30 on SABC2.

Meet the Characters


Zuzu is six-year-old light-hearted, magenta monster who is a leader that never gives up! Especially when playing with Elmo, Zuzu loves making new things using the items that the Playbox delivers to them! Confident and optimistic, Zuzu is full of answers and great ideas that she can share with her Takalani friends as they learn, explore, and grow together!


Elmo is a three-and-a-half-year-old loveable, lighthearted, red monster with an infectious giggle. He loves his Takalani friends almost as much as he loves fun-filled adventures. Elmo especially looks up to Zuzu and is always eager to make something special using items from the Playbox, that they can bring to their friends all over South Africa!


Moshe is a very sweet and VERY large meerkat! Moshe loves to care for things smaller than him, which is why he has a beautiful garden and always looks out for his Takalani friends. He is there when friends need him, to offer some wisdom, insight, and love. Moshe also is an excellent dancer, look out for his moves whenever music starts!


Zikwe is a blue, furry monster who is also a world traveler that keeps his Takalani friends laughing as he helps them play and learn. Catch Zikwe tinkering on his taxi, and listen for his catch phrase “Quallolops” when the Takalani team are ready to head out on the road to meet new friends all over South Africa!


Kami is an intelligent and inquisitive, yellow monster who loves to read and help her friends try new ideas. Her HIV positive status helps her teach her Takalani friends about staying healthy and having a great outlook on life. Kami also loves music and is always ready to sing with her Takalani friends about sharing, caring and being kind with the Unbuntu song!


Basma is a high-energy, almost-6-year-old, purple monster who jumps right into action whenever there is a problem to be solved. Despite not having it all figured out, Basma is always ready to “try, try, try again” to see her through challenges that arise during play time with her best friend Jad. Expressive in nature, Basma creates music and sound effects that color her world.


Jad is an almost-six-year-old, yellow monster who loves to plan and organize. He’s favorite this is to play with his best friend Basma, but somehow they always seem to run into a problem! That doesn’t discourage Jad though, before jumping into solving, Jad always remembers “We need a plan!” He also loves to paint and has a special brush that allows him to draw in mid-air so he and Basma can think through all the steps of their plan and jump into action.


Grover is funny, loveable, blue monster with a cute pink nose, who is very eager to join in the fun with Basma, Jad, Chicken and The Birds. but somehow often causes more trouble than he helps. Grover has seemingly endless confidence, curiosity, and perseverance. He is eager to explore new things and start new adventures, even when he inevitably takes a few wrong turns along the way.


Chicken is her name. She is a helpful heroine always flocking to her friends Basma and Jad to join their fun and games. Whenever they call on her Chicken pops in ready to help, especially if Basma and Jad need to make a hole in something! Chicken never means harm, though she loves to chase things and often gets distracted causing a problem her friends help to solve.


Feathered friends of Basma and Jad, the 3 Birds enjoy hanging out sitting perched above their heads. The Birds offer support and encouragement to their playful problem-solving friends. Through clucks and crows they show Basma and Jad which way to go.

Highlighted Resources

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